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Alternatives to UW Google for Shared UW NetIDs

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On August 25, 2021, UW-IT disabled the creation of new UW Google accounts for Shared UW NetIDs.  This change was made as part of the UW Google Changes Project, and in response to Google’s Acceptable Use Policy for Google Workspace, specifically:

You agree not to, and not to allow third parties or Your End Users, to use the Services:

  • to grant multiple individuals access to an individual End User Account other than via the delegation features provided within the Services;
  • to create End User Accounts assigned to business functions rather than to human beings for the purpose of sharing files within or outside of the domain;

Depending on use cases, there are potential alternatives to using UW Google with a Shared UW NetID to explore.  Please be aware that the options below are suggestions that may not have a one-to-one experience match with that of using a Shared UW NetID with UW Google services. 

Use UW Google with a personal UW NetID 

In many cases, using UW Google with a personal UW NetID may be an adequate solution.  The ability to setup and share calendars, collaborate on documents or projects in Google Drive, and other opportunities offered through UW Google persists for individual UW Google accounts. 

Use UW Office 365 with a Shared UW NetID

For situations where an individual UW Google account is not suitable, Shared UW NetIDs are still supported with UW Office 365.  The owner of a Shared UW NetID can provision access to UW Office 365 using the Provisioning Request Tool.


As with all IT-related needs, please be sure to consult with your local IT experts on solutions specific to your situation, or contact the UW-IT Technology Service Center at or 206-221-5000.