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Centralized Fax Service – Frequently Asked Questions

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Can my existing fax number be transitioned to the UW-IT Centralized Fax Service?

Yes.  After your number is transitioned to the fax service, an order will be place to remove the analog line that is connected to your existing fax machine.

If I migrate to the UW-IT Centralized Fax Service, how will I receive faxes?

Faxes and notifications are sent to an email address.  This can be an individual’s email address or a group email.  Faxes may also be accessed via the Fax Service web page.

Can I have my faxes automatically printed to my local printer?

No.  In support of the Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability (Go Green initiative), the UW-IT Centralized Fax Service will not automatically print faxes.  However, faxes can be manually printed at the time of viewing (in email or web).  An additional option would be to set up a rule in your email client (e.g. Outlook) that prints email when received from the fax server.

How do I send a fax?

Sending a fax can be done easily using email or the fax service web page.  If using email, simply attach the document to the email or if using the web page just browse to the document. For full instructions, see our Quick Reference Guides.

What document types are supported by the fax server?

UW-IT Centralized Fax Service supports these formats: PDF, HTML, JPG, GIF, RTF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

How long will my faxes be available on the server? 

Faxes are retained for 30 days on the fax servers.

Does the UW-IT Centralized Fax Service require a separate username/password? 

UW NetID authentication is used for individuals.  A separate password will need to be used for group accounts.

Do I have access to Centralized Fax off-campus?  

Yes. However, access to the Centralized Fax Service web page is restricted to campus networks (including Husky OnNet).

Still have questions?  Contact Customer Service by calling 206.221.5000 or email for assistance.

Last reviewed October 9, 2019