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Telecommuter VoIP

Telecommuter VoIP

Work From Off Campus Over The UW Phone System

NOTE: Out of concern for staff safety and our inability to easily re-supply stock levels during the COVID-19 situation we are currently unable to provide Telecommuter VoIP sets. Please consider the use of Avaya Workplace softphone for use at home.

UW Telecommuter VoIP Phones allow UW faculty and staff to connect to the UW phone system from an off-campus office. e.g. home. These phones work like you’re on campus, providing staff and faculty the ability to work from home or an off-site office, as long as broadband internet access is available.  All UW phone features are available including:

  • UW Long Distance
  • Voice Mail
  • 5-Digit Dialing
  • Conference
  • Transfer
  • Call Logging

Call center access is also available allowing agents to meet the needs of their customers without having to commute to the office.


Refer to Campus Telephone Services in the UW-IT Service Catalog

NOTE:  Telecommuters outside of Western Washington must purchase the VoIP phone. International calling rates may apply.

Telecommuter Requirements

– Broadband Internet Access (DSL/Cable/FiOS/Clear)
– Available Ethernet outlet within 15 feet of the VoIP Phone.
– Available surge-protected power outlet.
– DHCP or an available Static IP address to be assigned to the VoIP Phone.
– Modern router is required.
– A minimum up/down bandwidth of 64kbps is required.

Customer Installation Instructions

UW IT will configure the phone and have the equipment delivered to your campus office or shipped to your off-site location (additional shipping cost will be billed).

Instructions on how to install your Telecommuter VoIP Phone can be found here (PDF):

Telecommuter VoIP Phone Installation

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Last reviewed December 19, 2019