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Avaya Equinox Frequently Asked Questions

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What headsets are recommended?

UW-IT recommends that Avaya Equinox be used with a wired headset to ensure the best sound quality.   We have tested a couple of models for compatibility with the application under both Windows and Mac.

  • Jabra UC Voice 550 (available in mono or stereo)
  • Sennheiser SC 30 USB ML headset

However, for customers looking for a wireless option, we recommend they visit or

Please note that performance may vary based on the customer’s environment, computer model, and computer OS level, among other variables.

I am experiencing bad phone calls, what could be the cause?

Poor audio can have multiple causes. Some of the primary reasons are making phone calls over a wireless network, not using a headset, bad headset cord or too many CPU intensive applications open on your computer.

Will the softphone work from my home office or favorite coffee house?

The initial support will be on campus networks only. Future enhancements will include support for non-campus networks for a nominal monthly fee.

My speakers do not ring when receiving a phone call, why?

First, verify that they are not muted and that the volume is turned up. Secondly, if using a headset, check that the setting option in the application for ringing a secondary device is enabled and set to your computer speakers.

Do I need to log into my computer to make or receive a call?

Yes. You must be logged in and the software running, though it can be minimized.

The softphone application is not installing correctly, what should I do?

Verify that you have administrative privileges on your workstation. If not, work with your desktop support group or Nebula to install applications.

I have minimized my softphone application, where did it go?

On Windows workstations, the application minimize to your Taskbar or to the Task Tray. Locate the red and white Equinox icon and double-click to restore it. Equinox Tray Icon

Are my calls free when using the softphone application?

No, all your calls still use the same PBX infrastructure and call routing as your desk phone.

Why does the softphone application indicate an error when logging in with my extension?

  1. Confirm network connectivity (open your browser, for example). Is your wired cable disconnected or are you outside WiFi range?
  2. Verify with your network administrator that a firewall is not present on your network and/or blocking your connection.
  3. Contact customer service to confirm your extension is configured for use with Equinox.

How do I make a call?

Type names or numbers to dial into the “name or number” bar. Typing letters searches your contacts. Off-campus calls can be dialed with or without the outside-line access code ‘9’.

What happened to the dial pad?

Next to the “name or number” box is dial-pad button. It can be used for in-call dialing, though the numeric keypad works great too.

How do I toggle features like “Send All Calls” and “Extension Connect?”

Click on the gray avatar in the upper left to access the toggle features of your extension.

How do I access other features of my line, such as a shared extension or busy indicators?

Click the 3-dots menu in the lower right corner to see busy indicators, bridged appearances and other similar features.


Last reviewed February 14, 2019