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Campus Phones

Phone Descriptions

There are several phones models found across campus. Although each have similar capabilities, each have a different look and feel. The standard multi-button phones are the 9608 and the 9611G. These phones are Voice over IP (VoIP) and require minimum network standards to be met. In addition there is also an option for softphone which is an application installed on your desktop computer or notebook.

Other phone models are digital and analog. Digital sets are used in location that do not meet the minimum network requirements to support VoIP. Analog service for desktop phones is being phased out but will still be available for devices like fax machines, modems, and credit card machines.

Phone Models


9608/9611G (VoIP)

4610 IP
 4620 IP
Mac One-X1


Quick Reference Guides and Instructional Videos

Follow the links below for specific information pertaining to your phone model:

(To identify your phone via image Click here):


Repair Procedures

Troubleshooting a phone is highly dependent on the phone set model.

For any phone type (analog, digital, or VoIP), if you do not hear dial-tone when you lift the handset verify that the cable is connected to the phone and the wall.

Additional checks for VoIP or digital set is to look at the display of the phone.   If the display is blank, then your phone could be broken or the service to your phone has been interrupted.  Contact Customer Service for technical assistance.

Reporting Repairs to Customer Service:

Call 206.221.5000 or email for assistance.  An analyst will provide assistance with various troubleshooting steps.


Ordering Procedures (Moves, Adds, and Changes)

Moves, adds, and change requests for phone lines must be placed with UW‐IT Customer Service. Please provide 7‐10 days’ notice of the anticipated date. Depending on the type of service and the location, the order would either be handled by an on‐site visit from a technician or we may be able to remotely handle the request through programming.

Customer Service Contact information:

Call 206.221.5000 or email for assistance .