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UW Zoom Enterprise Service

To maintain compliance with data security and to take advantage of privacy protections offered by the UW’s Zoom enterprise contract, all Zoom accounts created with a UW NetID will be moved into the UW’s enterprise service in early 2019.

The enterprise Zoom service provides:

  • Better pricing
  • FERPA and HIPAA compliance
  • Secure UW NetID login
  • Local support
  • Additional contractual protections

All your meeting links and account settings will remain unchanged after your account is moved. Cloud recordings are also preserved when transferring to the UW standard Zoom account.

Once your account is moved, you, as the Zoom account owner, will receive an email from Zoom confirming the move. After you click to accept the transfer, all the users in your account will be moved to the UW account.

You and your users now log in to the UW Zoom account with a UW NetID at

To purchase paid accounts from UW-IT, fill out the UW Zoom web order form with the products you want. A UW budget number is required. You will receive an email confirming your order details.

Common questions about Zoom account transfer

Why does my account have to move to the UW’s enterprise Zoom account?
All Zoom accounts created with a UW NetID are being moved into the UW’s enterprise service so that UW users are in compliance with the data security and privacy protections offered by UW’s enterprise Zoom contract. Other benefits include reduced costs, local support, and additional contractual protections.

How much money will I save by transferring to the UW Zoom account?
UW’s enterprise Zoom contract offers a greater discount than Zoom’s educational pricing. To find out how much you can save, check out UW Zoom pricing on the order form.