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HIPAA- & FERPA-compliant UW Zoom Accounts

UW-IT and Zoom have a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) to protect the security and privacy or Protected Health Information in HIPAA UW Zoom Accounts. UW-IT’s contract with Zoom also offers FERPA compliance in both Standard and HIPAA UW Zoom Accounts.

What is a UW Zoom HIPAA-compliant account?

To comply with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Zoom offers HIPAA-enabled accounts. HIPAA UW Zoom accounts require encrypted meeting and chat connections, cannot use cloud recording, and user names are anonymous in usage reports.

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How do I get a UW Zoom HIPAA-compliant account?

To purchase a Zoom HIPAA-compliant account from UW, see the UW Zoom order form and choose the HIPAA option. You must select the HIPAA option on the UW Zoom order form in order to receive a HIPAA-compliant account.

How do I store UW Zoom sessions that include PHI?

Recorded Zoom sessions that include references to personal health information (PHI) must be stored on approved methods, such as a

  • Secure file folder/file share
  • Cloud provider with whom the UW has a business associate agreement (BAA), such as OneDrive

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