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Discussing Protected Health Information within UW Zoom

Storing Protected Health Information (PHI) in your UW Zoom account meets HIPAA privacy standards and regulations, and you can safely share PHI via

Note: While Zoom is HIPAA-compliant, maintaining that compliance is a shared responsibility. Zoom users must be cognizant and thoughtful about where they store sensitive information generated by their Zoom sessions, as well as ensuring that they maintain the attendee privacy of Zoom sessions (e.g., not configuring unrestricted access for someone to join a Zoom session during a patient interaction).

To maintain HIPAA privacy standards and regulations, UW recommends avoiding the following Zoom features when discussing PHI.

UW Zoom best practices when discussing PHI

UW-IT and UW Medicine IT Services strongly advise that meeting hosts do not:

  • Store Zoom meeting recordings in UW Panopto or any file storage service that has not been approved by UW as meeting HIPAA requirements.
  • Use Zoom apps that have not been approved by UW as meeting HIPAA requirements.
  • Share reports that contain personally identifiable information (e.g., patient name)
  • Allow remote control of your computer
  • Live stream your meeting

In addition, meeting hosts should disable the following features when discussing protected health information:

  • Cloud recording
  • Send files in chat
  • Save captions

You can disable these settings through your UW Zoom settings page.

Note: This list of features is intended as a guide and is not an exhaustive list of features to avoid. Check with your department for additional guidance.

Protect your UW Zoom meeting

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Last reviewed October 5, 2021