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Order Zoom add-ons for web conferencing

To order a UW Zoom add-on, you need to fill out the UW Zoom web conferencing order form.

PLEASE NOTE: As more and more users move their work online, fulfillment of your add-on order may take up to 10 days. That said, we understand the urgency of the moment and are doing our best to meet the increased demand.

Currently, and at best, when you place an order it takes 1 to 2 days to get a quote from Zoom, then 1 to 2 days to clear the UW purchasing process, and up to 3 days for fulfillment and delivery of the license by Zoom. Please adjust your plans accordingly.

As the Zoom service team has no visibility into order status until the license is issues, further inquiries will yield no new information and, thus, no response.

We will contact you as soon as the add-on license is released to our Zoom tenant.

Everyone involved is doing their best to meet an extremely high workload, and we appreciate your patience.

  1. Below the table showing the Zoom Add-ons, under Zoom Add-on product, select the add-on you want to order. Next, select your campus.
    Zoom Add-on products table and radio button selection and campus selection interface
  2. When you are logged in, your UW NetID should auto-populate in the first field under Requester’s Information. If it does not, input your UW NetID manually along with a contact phone number and budget number.
    Requestor's Info on Zoom order form
  3. Click Submit.
Last reviewed March 4, 2020