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Host a UW Zoom meeting

These steps show you how to schedule a meeting using the Zoom software interface.

  1. After logging in to UW Zoom, bring up the Zoom home screen.
    Zoom home screen
  2. On the right, click Schedule.
  3. Enter the required information in the dialog box, then click Schedule.
    Zoom Dialog Box for Scheduling a Meeting
  4. Back on the Zoom home screen, at the bottom, click Meetings.
  5. To send an invitation to the meeting, hover above the meeting that you just created and click Copy.
    Zoom Meeting Info
  6. Open your email program, then paste into a new message or meeting request. The copied text will appear similar to this:
    Copied meeting info to send to recipients
  7. To start the meeting, from the Zoom home screen, click Meetings, then click Start.
    Zoom Meeting Info

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