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Pronouns feedback

January 2020 — The information on this page is being made available prior to the implementation of pronouns in Identity.UW, so that early adopters can refer to it and the community is aware of the general approach to pronouns. Feedback is welcome.

Provide feedback via

On the user interface
If you have feedback or questions about the user interface and interactions for indicating pronouns on Identity.UW, email with “pronouns user interface” in the Subject.
On where pronouns are used
If you have feedback or questions about where pronouns are (or aren’t) used, including applications, IT services, and other contexts where you would like pronouns from Identity.UW to be used, email with “pronouns use” in the Subject. This includes feedback or questions on implementation schedules and timelines for pronoun use too.
On governance and integration
If you have feedback on pronoun data governance and integration, email with “pronouns governance or integration” in the Subject.

Note: is an email address used to contact UW-IT. Sending feedback here will open a request that will be routed by UW-IT based on the kind of feedback or question you ask.

Provide feedback via other offices

Note: This section is under development and review to ensure members of the community know they can provide feedback through other offices besides UW-IT, and that these offices are prepared and responsive to feedback and questions.

Individuals and organizations can provide feedback through other offices as well. Feedback is welcome and can be sent to any of these organizations:

Last reviewed January 15, 2021