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January 2020 — The information on this page is being made available prior to the implementation of pronouns in Identity.UW, so that early adopters can refer to it and the community is aware of the general approach to pronouns. Feedback is welcome.

Identity.UW enables the collection and distribution of pronoun data that individuals have indicated for everyday use in the UW community.

Manage your pronouns at the UW

When will pronouns be available?
Pronouns will be added to Identity.UW during the 2020-2021 academic year to enable members of the UW community to indicate the pronouns they go by on an everyday basis at the UW.
What pronouns are available?
Identity.UW allows individuals to indicate any pronouns, including free-form text, as long as it supports self-identification of everyday pronouns intended to help others use pronouns respectfully.
Where are pronouns used?
Your pronouns will be displayed in systems authorized to use everyday pronouns, similar to everyday preferred names and identifiers (like UW NetID). Initial integrations will enable use by faculty, instructors, and advisers as described in the Pronouns frequently asked questions from the Office of the Registrar. Check back for updates on other integrations, including other UW-IT services, Workday, and other major departmental systems.

Integrate pronouns at the UW

When will pronoun data be available for integration?
Pronoun data (test data) is available now for authorized systems and early adopters. If you are planning an integration, email with “pronouns implementation” in the Subject.
Where are data integrations available?
Pronoun data will be available from UW-IT Enterprise Web Services and Events. If you integrate data from other IT services or data sources, ask them if they plan to provide pronoun data from Identity.UW.
How do I integrate pronouns?
Pronoun data governance and integration describes the overall approach to pronoun data governance, collection, integration, and display to users. IT system owners and others can review this information to inform implementation projects.
Last reviewed January 6, 2021