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UW Windows Live Transition

Be sure to check out our UW Windows Live page for more information

Changes for UW Windows Live

Starting winter quarter 2014, UW-IT will begin offering a new version of UW Exchange available to all faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Before we can provide this new service, UW Windows Live must transition away from using “” for usernames and email addresses and will instead use “”. Transitioning accounts in this way allows us to safely adopt a new UW Exchange service without the risk of losing email, folders, or calendar data stored in UW Windows Live.

Who is Affected?

If you have not yet signed up for UW Windows Live, you will not be affected by the transition. No new UW Windows Live email accounts can be created at this time, but everyone will be able to sign up for the new UW Exchange service once it is ready.

  • If you signed up for UW Windows Live and you use it for email, or have old mail stored there, then the impact of this change will be significant. You will need to move your email off of UW Windows Live and choose a new way to send mail. Two options for dealing with UW Windows Live email are explained below.
  • If you signed up for UW Windows Live, but never used it for email, the impact of these changes will be minor. The login and password you use to access Microsoft consumer services like SkyDrive, Office Web Apps, and IT Academy will not change. However, changing your Microsoft account password will need to be done through Microsoft’s account management page.

Timeline for Transition

The timeline below shows when major changes took place, and outlines how this transition fits in with our new UW Exchange service.


UW Windows Live stops accepting new users

10/23/2012-10/24/2012 UW Windows Live accounts transitioned to the domain
  • Inbox access shut off for up to a day as each account is transitioned.
  • Microsoft cannot predict which day individual inboxes will be transitioned.
  • A new password is required to use UW Windows Live. You can set up your new password using the Manage UW NetID Resources Web page.
  • Microsoft Messenger is turned off.

Winter Quarter 2014 (tentative)

  • Anyone who does not have an existing UW Exchange account may now create a new UW Exchange account.

Two Accounts After the Transition

Once the transition is complete, your UW Windows Live account will be split into two different parts: Your Microsoft account and your Windows Live email account.

Microsoft account

Your Microsoft account (formerly “Live ID”) will work with all of Microsoft’s consumer services including Office Web Apps, SkyDrive, and IT Academy.

  • All Microsoft accounts will continue to use as a login name.
  • No new password is needed. The password used for UW Windows Live will be used for your Microsoft account after the transition.
  • Changing your Microsoft account password must be done through Microsoft’s account management webpages.

Windows Live email account

After this transition, your email, contacts, and calendar will still be accessible through your UW Windows Live account. In addition, your mail forwarding will continue to point at UW Windows Live. However, several changes will have been made to your account:

  • UW Windows Live will only be accessible from a new URL:
  • You will need to log in with a new username, (where “netid” is your actual UW NetID).
  • You will need a new password, which can be set in the UW Windows Live section of your Manage UW NetID Resources Web page.
  • All mail you send from this email account will now come from, where “netid” is your actual UW NetID.

Using Email After the Transition: Choose One Option

Your email, calendar items, and contacts will not be deleted as part of this process. However, all email you send from your transitioned UW Windows Live account will come from Because of this limitation, moving to a new mail system is recommended. The following two options are available.

Option #1: Use a UW Google Apps account

UW Google Apps can be used to replace your UW Windows Live account for sending and receiving mail. This is the easiest solution to set up. If you haven’t already set up your UW Google Apps account, you may do so using the Manage UW NetID Resources Web page. If you would like to migrate data from UW Windows Live to Exchange Online, our Migrating to Exchange Online page explains your options.

Option #2: Wait for UW Exchange

You may continue using your UW Windows Live account once your address and login have been transitioned to However, if you want to send mail using a UW email address, you must first use the UW NetID manage pages to set up a UW Google Apps account, then authorize the use of a UW address in the transitioned UW Windows Live environment. This is a temporary solution. You will still need to move to the new UW Exchange service once it is ready.


Will email delivery be interrupted during the conversion process?
Email delivery will not be interrupted, but your inbox may be unavailable for up to a day while your account is being transitioned.
Can I choose when to transition my account?
We cannot initiate on-demand transitions, or delay this transition for anyone. However, you can move your mail to UW Google Apps at any time using these instructions (link).
What if I continue to use UW Windows Live for email?
If you do not use one of the two options for dealing with your UW Windows Live email, then all mail you send will come from (where netid is your UW NetID). We are also planning on decommissioning the UW Windows Live service next summer, so any mail left there will eventually be deleted.
Will I need to reconfigure my email program or smartphone?
Yes, but given the temporary nature of the transitioned accounts, we recommend waiting until you have chosen a new location for your email delivery before configuring any mobile devices or desktop applications.
Will I have to move my data?
Your transitioned UW Windows Live mail store, calendar data, and contacts will not be removed as part of this process; however, we are planning on decommissioning the UW Windows Live service sometime in 2014. Once decommissioned, all data stored in any UW Windows Live email account will be deleted.
What is is a domain we are using temporarily to ensure that no data is lost during our adoption of a new UW Exchange service.

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