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UW Windows Live

UW Windows Live (also known as UW Outlook Live, Live@edu, is a cloud-based email, productivity, and collaboration service that was previously offered on a limited basis to some UW students and staff, and has since been replaced by the UW Office 365, including UW Exchange Online.  UW Windows Live will be retired effective December 31, 2018.

Resources for current UW members

UW Windows Live users who are current UW employees, students, as well as Emeriti Faculty or Emeriti Librarians, are eligible for automated migration of their email messages to either UW Exchange Online (Office 365) or UW Gmail (UW G Suite) at no cost (usually $25 per mailbox) via Comparex.  Click here to learn more about Comparex supported email migration.

The steps below must be completed no later than December 31, 2018.

Verify your UW Windows Live Account status

  1. Go to the UW NetID Manage Resources page. On the left side of the page, select UW Windows Live.
  2. Under UW Windows Live Account Information, review your account status.
    • If either your UW Windows Live Status or UW Outlook Live Status are “Active” you may have content in your account and need to take action to preserve it (if desired).
  3. Review the Email Forwarding section to confirm where email sent to your and and/or email addresses is delivered.
    • If you see “Delivered to your UW Outlook Live Inbox” or “Delivered to your UW Outlook Live Pilot Inbox” you are actively using this account to send and receive email.
    • If you see “Delivered to…” any other email service or email address, you are not actively using this account to send and receive email.

Check for content you want to save

Check your UW Windows Live email account for any content that you might want to move to an alternate email service.

  1. Go to UW Outlook Live

  2. Review and clean up mailbox content

Migrate email content

Please work with your former home department or unit to remove and retain official UW records if you have them, taking care to preserve UW records according to records management guidance and the General Records Retention Schedule or the UW Medicine Records Retention Schedule.

  1. Determine which UW email service to use.
    • Note: Your department or unit may require all personnel to use a specific UW email service and may already be planning to migrate your UW email; check with your department/business unit IT support staff before migrating your UW email yourself.
  2. Review and follow instructions on the Comparex supported migration IT Connect page. When ready to migrate go to Step 3.
  3. Change UW Email Forwarding (if necessary)
    • Go to the UW NetID Manage Resources page. On the left side of the page, select UW Email Forwarding.
    • Select Forward to UW Office 365 or Forward to UW G Suite. Click OK.
  4. Fill out and submit this request form. Select the “Outlook Live $0” option.
    • You will receive an email with a ticket number for your request from the UW-IT Technology Service Center.
    • You will not be notified when the migration begins, but will receive a confirmation email when it is completed (can take up to 10 business days).