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Frequently Asked Questions about UW Deskmail

Service notice: Deskmail (aka UW Email, Alpine, Pine) — the UW’s legacy email system — will be retired by the end of 2018. View timeline and details.

How to access UW Deskmail?

Three ways are available for you to interact with and use UW Deskmail:

Use an email program on your computer or phone
Use Web Alpine through your Web browser
  • Web Alpine works well for email when traveling, such as when you are at a conference or a cyber-cafe.
  • Web Alpine allows you to send and save attachments directly using your local desktop computer.
  • For Web Alpine to work properly, the browser you are using must have SSL security, cookies, and Javascript turned on.
Use Alpine on Homer, Vergil, or other computers
  • Alpine is a text-only email program. It cannot display graphics. Alpine has many power features.
  • You access Alpine with a terminal program such as PuTTY or the Terminal application on Macintosh OSX computers.
  • Attachments cannot be saved directly to your desktop computer. A file transfer program such as Tectia  must be used to move the file from Homer or Vergil to your local computer.
  • Using a terminal session program and Alpine works well on slower computers or when you have a slow connection speed, such as when you are using a modem.

How to track the usage of UW Deskmail storage space?

Go to Your Usage of UW Deskmail Storage Space

  • See how much space all your email is using
  • See total usage compared to your storage space allocation
  • See which folders are using the most space

How to manage UW Deskmail forwarding?

Go to the Manage UW NetID Resources page

  • Forward your UW email to another address
  • Stop your UW email (All messages sent to your UW email address will be returned to the sender as undeliverable.)

How to filter, block, or set vacation message?

Go to the UW Deskmail Email Delivery Manager (EDM) pages

  • Control messages delivered to your UW Deskmail Email Account
  • Set an out-of-office reply (vacation) message to be sent to anyone who sends you email while you are gone
  • Filter out spam into a separate folder
  • Block messages from a particular email address, deleting them without response
  • Sort messages automatically into folders as they arrive