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MS Outlook 2011 for Macintosh

To Use Outlook 2011 With UW Deskmail Email
  • You must be eligible to use UW Deskmail Email. Students generally are not eligible.
  • You must activate your UW Deskmail Email Account.
  • You must forward your personal UW NetID email to UW Deskmail.

Not sure? You can check your eligibility, activate your email account, or forward your email yourself.

Microsoft Outlook 2011 is a personal information manager, personal calendar, and email program included with Microsoft Office 2011 for Macintosh, which is available to the UW through agreements with Microsoft.

Set Up an Account in Outlook

  1. StepsActions
  2. Start Outlook.
    • If you are configuring Microsoft Outlook first time, you will be prompted to create a new mail account. You may see a screen similar to the image below:first.start
    • Select Add Account
    • If you have an existing account in Outlook, begin from Tools -> Accounts to start the configuration process with the screen image below. In the middle of the screen, select E-mail Account, or, if necessary, select the + at the lower left to add an account, then select Email.add1
  3. A screen similar to the image below will appear, with blank fields –add2
    Note: Wherever you see “myuwid” entered in screen shots, or “your UWNetID” in text, enter your own personal UW NetID.On this screen enter:

    • Your E-mail address, using “your”
    • The password for your UW NetID
    • The User name is your UW NetID
    • The Type is IMAP
    • Incoming server is “”
    • You must have SSL turned on to connect to this server
    • Outgoing server is “”
    • Turn on the option to Override default port and enter ” and enter 587 as the port number (right of the server name)
    • Click Add Account.
  4. A screen similar to the image below appears:accountin1
  5. Edit the Account description as desired, whatever you want to call this account within Outlook.
  6. Edit the Full name with your name as you wish it to be presented to correspondents.Select Advanced.
  7. A screen similar to the image below appears

    • Make sure the Server button/tab is selected
    • Turn on Download headers only
    • Turn on Except in Inbox
    • Turn off  Sync all IMAP folders
    • Turn on Use IMAP IDLE
    • Turn off Refresh server connection
    • Type in mail for the IMAP Root FolderClick OK.

Account setup is done. You should be able to see your new mail in the Inbox and other folders (e.g., those previously created with Alpine).

Configure Your Folders

Make Sure All Your Folders Will Be Visible

  1. StepsActions
  2. Run Outlook and select “Tools” -> “IMAP foldersfolderl-list
  3. In the middle column, select mail  to see your folders created with Alpine. If you have been using other email software, you may also see folders in that same column.
  4. You must subscribe to folders to see them in the Outlook main view. To subscribe:
    • Select a folder you want to see
    • If the Subscribe button is dimmed out (not selectable) the folder is already subscribed
      (you can select Unsubscribe to turn off the subscription and hide a folder)
    • If the Subscribe button is selectable, select it to subscribe to this folder
    • Repeat for each folder in the list (there is no “subscribe all”)

Set Where to Save Your Sent Mail

  1. StepsActions
  2. Click Tools -> Accounts. Select your UW account. Click Advanced then select the Folders button/tab.
    The screen will look similar to the image below.folders
  3. Set Sent, Drafts, Junk and Trash to use the appropriate folders on the server as shown above.
  4. To set the Sent function to “sent-mail” (the Alpine default) select the up/down arrow in the right of the field
    on that line, a list of folders on the server appears, select sent-mail then Choose.
  5. Repeat this process, selecting Drafts for Drafts, junk-mail for Junk and Trash for Trash.
  6. Select the option to Move deleted messages to this folder and to Never erase them (automatically), assuming
    you’ll want to manage that process yourself.
  7. To Restart Outlook for the new settings to take effect.

Configure Outlook to Use the UW Directory

The UW Directory can be used to look up UW email addresses by the name of the person.

  1. StepsActions
  2. Start Outlook
  3. Select Tools -> Accounts
  4. At the lower left, select the +.
  5. To add a new directory service, select Directory Service. A panel similar to the image below will
    • For LDAP server enter “”
    • Click Add Account.
  6. Go back to the Accounts pane. Select your new Directory Service Account.directory2
  7. Select “Advanced, a panel similar to the image below appears –

    • For the Search base enter (carefully…) “o=University of Washington, c=US”
    • Turn on the option to use the “simple search filter”
    • Select “OK”
  8. Quit and restart Outlook to make use of the directory service.


Additional Information

Check Eligibility and Activate UW Deskmail Email Account and Forwarding

  1. StepsActions
  2. Go to Manage Computing Services to check the status of your email service.
    • If “UW Deskmail Email Account” is not listed, then you are not eligible for this service. Most students are not eligible to use UW Deskmail Email.
    • If “UW Deskmail Email Account” is listed, but not checked, check the box. Then click “Subscribe.”
  3. Go to Manage Email Forwarding to verify and set your UW NetID personal email forward to “UW Deskmail.”
    • Click on the “Forward to UW Deskmail” checkbox, if is not already chosen, then click on “OK”
  4. To verify the new settings:
    • Open Web Alpine.
    • To see the messages in your inbox, in the left column, click Inbox.”
    • Click Compose, create a test message, address it to your UW NetID personal address ( and then send the message.
    • Wait a few seconds then click Check Mail to see your message arrive.

    If you encounter problems confirming a working email account with Web Alpine, then ask for help and get that resolved before proceeding with the instructions below.


Summary of Outlook Settings

Configuring any Email client software for use with the UW (Deskmail) Email service requires entering a small number of specific configuration values. For reference, here’s a table of the values needed:

Use These Values to Configure Outlook 2011
Name Value Notes
Your Email address Your personal UW NetID email address. Replace Your-UW-NetID with your own UW NetID.
IMAP (incoming) server Where your email is stored. Replace Your-UW-NetID with your own UW NetID.
IMAP server connection Security (SSL) must be on, use default port 993 The IMAP (incoming) server port number should get automatically set to 993 when you select encryption (SSL)
Root Folder Path, IMAP default path (prefix) or IMAP Server Directory mail Email folders are stored in the “mail” directory on the UW server. Not setting this value may make it difficult to find folders.
SMTP (outgoing) server How your mail is sent.
SMTP server connection Security (TLS or STARTTLS) must be on, select port 587 The default port (25) may be blocked by 3rd party service providers.
Using the optional port #587 usually works around that issue.

Where “your_uwnetid” is replaced by your actual UW NetID.

**If using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) OTHER than the UW then use the SMTP server configuration provided by your ISP.