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Transferring messages back to UW Deskmail

If you have email messages on UW Google Email that you want to copy to UW Deskmail, you can use an email program like Thunderbird to facilitate the transfer.

Please be aware that your UW Deskmail service may have a lower quota than your UW Google Email service. Make sure you have enough storage space available on UW Deskmail to complete the transfer process. If your UW Deskmail service is over quota, the transfer process may not be able to complete and email delivery may be interrupted.  You may check your current UW quota using the Deskmail storage space page.

Transferring email using this method has two steps.  First, you’ll need to setup your email program so that it can read both accounts at once.  Then, you’ll need to use your email program to copy folders between the accounts.

Set up an email program

Transferring email is easy when your source account and target account are configured within the same email program. The links below should help with setting up either Thunderbird or a program of your choosing.

If you would like to use Thunderbird:

  1. Start by downloading Thunderbird, if you don’t already have a favorite email program in mind:
  2. Next, set up Google Apps in Thunderbird.
  3. Finally, setup UW Deskmail in Thunderbird.

If you would like to use a different IMAP compatible email program:

  1. Google provides configuration instructions for various email programs. Configure your favorite client using these instructions.
  2. Next, configure UW Deskmail.

Transferring messages between accounts

Once both accounts are visible in the email program of your choosing, simply copy folders or messages from one account to another.  We recommend copying instead of moving just to make sure nothing is accidentally lost.

For information on how to use Thunderbird, Floss manuals has an excellent starter guide.  This section focuses on managing your email and should be particularly useful for the transfer process.