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The electronic directory service (LDAP)

The UW directories web page

From the UW Directories Web page, you can search the databases containing directory information for both UW students and UW employees. When UW students, faculty, and staff provide directory information to either the Office of the Registrar (students) or their department payroll coordinator (faculty and staff), they can either approve or disapprove of the public release of their directory information. You will find information on all those students and employees who gave their consent.

Directory entries include telephone numbers and email addresses as well as other information provided by the individual (i.e., major, student status; department, work title).

LDAP and

You can access the combined student/faculty/staff directories with any software that can communicate using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). The most common type of software that uses LDAP is email software, which can be configured to automatically look up addresses and other information on a specified server, when names are entered in the To: line while composing an email message. Many different email packages support this type of use of LDAP.  The LDAP directory service at the UW is available at the Internet address

Configuring your software to use

In general, you must configure your software to use the LDAP server named This server uses port 389 (which is usually the default port and will not need to be set by you).

You also must specify what is known in LDAP lingo as a “search base”. The search base for the UW LDAP server is

        o=University of Washington,c=US

Configuring desktop email clients to use LDAP

These instructions provide the information needed to connect to UW LDAP directory services for email clients that offer that option.  If you need help configuring the connection, please contact your internal support provider/team.

  1. For LDAP-server, enter
  2. For search-base, enter
    o=University of Washington, c=US
  3. For Scope, enter
  4. For Port number, enter
  5. Do not use (SSL) option

Limiting use to either the student or faculty/staff listings

You can set up your software to see just the student or just the faculty/staff part of the directory. In order to do this, you need to change the “search base” by entering the appropriate value:

  • For Student Directory,
    ou=Students, ou=People, o=University of Washington, c=US
  • For Staff Directory,
    ou=Faculty and Staff, ou=People, o=University of Washington, c=US


Pursuant to RCW 42.56, the UW is providing this directory information for non-commercial purposes only. Any use of the information for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Last reviewed May 3, 2019