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Migrate from UW Deskmail to an alternate email service

Note: Please work with your home department or business unit to remove and retain official UW records if you have them.For further information about Records Management and retention of these records at UW, please contact Records Management Services.

For further information about Records Management and retention of these records at UW Medicine, please contact UW Medicine Records Management Services (RMS).

Note: Many departments and business units are planning coordinated migrations of their people from UW Deskmail to UW Exchange Online (Office 365) and/or UW Gmail. Please contact your department/business unit to see if your UW Deskmail account is already scheduled to be migrated, and to confirm whether your department/business unit has a preferred UW email service (UW Exchange Online (Office 365) or UW Gmail), before following the instructions below.

Are you paying for extra storage on Deskmail? Stop payment before deactivating your account.

Change UW Email forwarding destination

Click here to change your UW Email forwarding and select from these options:

  • Forward to UW Office 365 to forward your UW email to UW Exchange Online (Office 365)
  • Forward to UW G Suite to forward your UW email to UW Gmail
  • Forward to and enter in your personal email address
  • Stop UW Email (not recommended)

Please note: Changing UW email forwarding from UW Deskmail to any other UW email service or personal email address initiates a two-week countdown for expiring and permanently deleting your UW Deskmail account. Once you change forwarding away from UW Deskmail, you cannot change it back.

UW Deskmail account expiration and permanent deletion timeline after a change of forwarding from UW Deskmail:

Day 1: Change UW email forwarding away from Deskmail

Day 2: You will receive email notice of automated expiration

Day 14: Deskmail account is deactivated (you lose access to account)

Day 27-28: Deskmail mailbox files and account permanently deleted

Day 35: Last backup of Deskmail mailbox files permanently deleted

I need to migrate all of my content

UW-IT has arranged for a third-party consulting firm called Comparex to assist with email migrations between UW email services.

Engaging Comparex results in a seamless migration experience for users and local IT support staff. At $25 per email account, the charge for this service is far less than the cost of user personal time and/or local IT support staff time required for a more manual method of email migration.

Learn more about Comparex supported migration of UW email.

If you’d like to migrate your email messages from your UW Deskmail account to a UW Gmail account, follow these instructions.

If you prefer to migrate your email manually, follow these instructions:

I need to move only a few messages

If you have just a few messages you want to save, forwarding the individual messages is a quick and easy way to get them out of Deskmail and into an alternate email service.

  1. Navigate to Web Alpine (UW Deskmail).
  2. In the upper right corner of the page, click Open UW NetID’s Inbox.
  3. To open the message you want to forward, click the subject line.
  4. On the next screen, in the upper toolbar, click Forward.
  5. In the To: line, enter the address for the email account you want to forward to.

I need to migrate a few folders

If you have folders with a lot of content and you want to migrate just a few (not all the folders), follow these instructions.

I have messages that cannot be migrated

Some content — such as oversize attachments or executable files (.exe file extension) — cannot be migrated from Deskmail. If you attempt to migrate messages that have these kinds of attachments, Deskmail will create a folder called “unmigratable-mail” and store the messages there. If you see such a folder in your Web Alpine content, open it and review the contents for anything you might want to save. UW-IT recommends that you download such files directly to your computer and save in a convenient location. The UW offers an array of online file storage options.