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UW G Suite Migration Missing Messages

Emails missing after UW Google Apps migration

After copying your UW Deskmail to UW G Suite using the Google Migration Tool, you may notice that some of your emails are missing.  In some cases, those emails are simply hidden or misdirected, but occasionally, Google will prevent the transfer of certain messages.

Misplaced Messages

Spam and Trash Folders
UW G Suite uses a different spam filter than UW Deskmail, so it’s possible that messages from your UW Deskmail account were marked as spam by Google.  If you’re missing messages after the copy, start by checking your UW G Suite Spam and Trash folders.
Conversation View
By default, Google sorts email in a conversation view that groups all messages with the same subject together.  If you’re having trouble finding large groups of messages, they may be hidden behind the most recent email in the conversation.  If you’d like to turn conversation view off, click on the gear symbol in the upper right hand corner of the gmail screen.  Choose “Mail Settings…” and select “Conversation view off”.  Be sure to press “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen before returning to your inbox.

Messages That Can’t Transfer

Google will reject some messages based on message size and attachment type.  Messages rejected because of size are larger than Google’s 25 meg limit.  Messages rejected because of Attachment type include attachments that typically carry viruses.  Messages that do not transfer need to be forwarded manually once they comply with Google’s message rules.

Where to Look
Any messages that could not be transferred to UW G Suite will be moved to a folder called “unmigratable-mail”.  Any messages in the “unmigratable-mail” folder likely have attachments that violate Google’s message rules.  This folder and these messages can be viewed using the Web-based mail program, Web Alpine.
How to Transfer
Web Alpine can be used to forward all remaining messages to your UW email address.  Because your forwarding now points to UW G Suite, all messages sent to your UW address will go to your UW G Suite account.  Once you choose to forward a message in Web Alpine, you should see a message header that includes attachments.  Use the grey “x” next to each attachment to remove any problematic attachments before forwarding the message.

  • Any attachment that is named with a restricted file extension will need to be removed.
  • Any attachment that increase the message size beyond 25 megabytes will need to be removed
Saving important Attachments
Attachments that won’t transfer can be saved to your computer’s hard drive using Web Alpine.  To save any attachment, open the message by clicking on the message’s subject line.  Once the message is open, you can use the attachment’s “Download” link to download the attachment.