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Migrate UW Deskmail to UW Gmail

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Before Transferring Email

Before you transfer your email, consider the following:

  • Clean up: Transferring your data presents an opportunity to do some pruning or housecleaning to get rid of messages or data you no longer need. Cleaning up in advance makes transferring easier and faster and make things easier to find later. You might even consider abandoning your old email and starting fresh.
  • Get familiar: Familiarize yourself with the new service before moving messages to be sure you can work with messages as you wish.
  • Originals: Transferring your data does not necessarily delete the original. If you choose the option to leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server, it will remain unless you delete it yourself (or until your account service expires). That may be helpful if you need to refer to it, but with new mail delivered to your new UW Gmail account, data will quickly fall out of synchronization.
  • Double-check: After transferring data, make sure that it is all in place and not corrupt before you delete the original.
  • Folders vs labels: If you are transferring not only email messages but folders as well, make sure you understand that Google uses a different paradigm. Labels replace folders. Review Gmail Help Article on Using Labels and this discussion of improved label management.

Transfer Email

Deskmail Copy Tool

Once you activate UW G Suite (including UW Gmail) on this page, and change your UW email forwarding to UW G Suite (UW Gmail) on this page, you can request to run the Deskmail Copy Tool on this page to copy your email messages from Deskmail to your UW Gmail account.

UW-IT is able to offer only limited support for this tool.  If you are looking for a more seamless email migration experience, UW-IT strongly encourages the email migration service provided by Comparex for only $25 per email account (UW budget required).


  • Once the copy process has started, do not copy, save, delete, or move messages on the Deskmail account, as any changes can disrupt the copy process.
  • All mail transferred with the Deskmail Copy Tool will retain the original “sent” date, but the “received by” date will be set to reflect the transfer date.
  • Google will reject multiple copies of an email message stored in your Deskmail account; it will only accept one copy of a message.  If you appear to be missing a message, that message is likely in your UW Gmail account and may just be stored in a slightly different location.  Use the Gmail search to look for the email message.
  • Google will also reject email messages over 25MB in size.
  • See this page for additional information on locating misplaced email messages in UW Gmail, and why Google won’t accept some email messages from UW Deskmail.
  • Any email messages Google rejects will be placed in your Deskmail account in a new folder called “unmigratable-mail“.  Click here to login to your Deskmail account to view the contents of the unmigratable-mail folder.  See this page for options to manually backup these emails.

Importing Your Deskmail (Web Alpine) Contacts Into UW Gmail

If you need to export Contacts you have stored in Web Alpine, click the Export contacts now link on this page to receive an emailed copy of your Contacts in CSV format.  Once you have the CSV file, you can refer to Part 2: Importing a CSV With a Web Browser of this page for instructions on how to import your Contacts CSV file into your UW Gmail contacts.