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Google Team Drive

Google Team Drive offers the best collaboration space for Google Drive.  With Team Drive, documents can be owned by a team instead of an individual.  Storing files this way in Google Drive ensures that your team is responsible for the data rather than each individual being responsible for their own documents.

About Team Drive

Why use Team Drive?

Reliability – Files stored in a Team Drive are owned by a team, not an individual.  If one member of a team leaves the UW, their Team Drive files will not be affected.

Collaboration – Team Drive offers a familiar space for document storage with a folder structure specific to your team or project

Auditing and Tracking – Files stored in a Team Drive can be easily tracked and found.

Customized Team Page – Build a ‘home base’ for your team using Google’s customization options.

Google Drive without Team Drive

Google Drive files that are works in progress or used for individual tasks are perfect for use outside of a Team Drive.  Similarly, small scale, temporary projects may not need a formal space and can still utilize the sharing of Google Drive.

Using Team Drive

Google’s Learning Center offers an excellent overview of Team Drive.

Google Drive Help also includes a detailed guide.

For a more comprehensive guide written for a more technical audience, check out Google’s Team Drive help for Administrators.

Deletion and Expiration

Google Team Drives will not expire, and if all members lose access, UW Google Apps administrators can help by re-adding members.  If you need any administrative help, please contact

Restoring Deleted Files

If any files are accidentally deleted from a Team Drive, you have 30 days to restore it from the Team Drive Trash before they are automatically deleted.  If a file is already gone from Trash for any reason, UW Google Apps administrators may be able to restore it up to 25 days later.  If you would like our administrators to attempt a restore, contact

Google Drive File Sync

Team Drive files cannot currently be synced locally, however, Google’s new tool, Drive File Stream should fill this gap.  We expect File Stream to be available soon.