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Comparex Supported Migration of UW Email

UW-IT has arranged for a third party consulting firm called Comparex to assist with email account migrations between the following UW email services:

From  To
UW Deskmail UW Exchange Online
UW Deskmail UW Gmail
UW Gmail UW Exchange Online
UW Exchange Online UW Gmail
UW Windows (Outlook) Live* UW Exchange Online*
UW Windows (Outlook) Live*  UW Gmail*

The Comparex email migration process copies all email messages from a “source” UW email account (e.g. UW Deskmail) to a “target” UW email account (e.g. UW Exchange Online).  It will not copy to an external, personal email account (e.g. Gmail,  It only copies email messages; it does not copy contacts/address books or calendar entries.  You can export contacts/address books from a UW Deskmail account using the instructions provided here.

Engaging Comparex results in a seamless migration experience for users and local IT support staff. At $25 per email account, the charge for this service is far less than the cost of user personal time and/or local IT support staff time required for a more manual method of email migration.

Comparex migration from UW Deskmail to UW Gmail & from UW Windows Live to UW Gmail results in the timestamp of migrated emails being replaced by the timestamp of the migration date and NOT the original email timestamp, but only when the migrated email is viewed in UW Gmail using the Outlook desktop email client.  If you intend to view your UW Gmail in a browser then your email will not be effected by this issue.

* Comparex migration is free for current UW members migrating from UW Windows (Outlook) Live to UW Gmail or UW Exchange Online

Please note:

  • A UW budget number is required for Comparex supported email migrations, unless you are migrating from UW Windows (Outlook) Live.
  • You must change email forwarding for the UW NetID using the UW NetID Manage Portal before submitting your request.
    • If you are moving to UW Exchange Online, you must change email forwarding to UW Office 365 for new messages to arrive in the UW Exchange Online account inbox.
    • If you are moving to UW Gmail, you must change email forwarding to UW G Suite for new messages to arrive in the UW Gmail account inbox.
  • Once you have changed email forwarding, new email messages will arrive in the new email service account inbox. You can continue to access historical messages in your old email service account while your data is being copied.
  • It may take up to 10 business days for the email copy to complete.
  • Before submitting a request, please review your old mail and delete messages and folders that you no longer need. Empty the “Deleted Items” and “Junk” folders. Rename your email folders to remove all  “special” characters. [ ] / \ & ~ ? * | < > ” ; : +
  • If there are multiple copies of an email message in the source email account, Comparex will only migrate one copy of the email message to the target email account.
  • Empty folders are not migrated to the target email account.
  • DO NOT unsubscribe/deactivate the “source” UW email account associated with the NetID until after you receive an email confirmation from Comparex that the migration has completed successfully and you have verified that all “source” UW email account messages have been migrated to the new email account.

Request Form

Comparex migration requests submitted after December 14, 2018 will be completed on a “best effort” basis.

Individual Account Comparex Migration Request Form

After you have reviewed the notes above and have completed the required actions, please submit a request using this form.

Bulk Comparex Migration Request

If you are considering moving an entire department or unit (10+ accounts) using Comparex, please email with a subject “Comparex Bulk Email Migration – Your Department/Unit Name” so our team can meet with you to discuss your needs, timing, and any pros & cons.

If you need to migrate less than 10 accounts, please fill out (1) individual account migration request form for each account you wish to have migrated.

Learn more about bulk migration.

Manual Migration

To manually migrate email messages from a UW Deskmail account to a UW Exchange Online account, follow these instructions. UW-IT strongly encourages the Comparex supported migration of UW email option detailed above.