June 19, 2019

Away this summer? Connect to UW network resources with Husky OnNet

Mobile phone with screenshot of Husky OnNet

Access files on the UW network from off campus using a UW secure virtual private network (VPN), like the free Husky OnNet for current students, faculty and staff. Off-campus access to UW resources on the UW network through remote desktop or a file-sharing application require a VPN. But web-based UW resources and services, such as uw.edu…

January 10, 2019

Top tech tips for students

girl is watching online video on tablet

We’ve got the tech just for you. Watch this video and learn the top 10 technology tips that can help you succeed at the UW.

October 8, 2018

Next phase of security enhancements for UW network further reduces risk

Picture of a lock drawn out of circuitsNew protections designed to reduce risk to the UW network begin on October 16, 2018, when UW-IT will block specific channels or ports on the UW network from incoming Internet traffic. Analysis shows these ports are frequently abused. Little or no impact is expected for a majority of network users. This is the second phase of security enhancements to protect the UW network against an increasing number of malicious attacks that put devices, systems and data at risk. These ports will continue to work between devices on the UW network.

Learn more about these security enhancements.