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May 11, 2022

Got UW Phone Services needs and preferences? Talk to us!

black telephone receivers hanging over gray background

Take a short UW-IT survey to let us know what you need in phone/voice-enabled services, from desk handsets to a new way to use Zoom.

January 19, 2021

Activate text messaging on your existing UW-IT-provided phone number

Any faculty or staff with a UW-IT-provided phone number can make it text-enabled. UW-IT also can set up a new number dedicated to your messaging needs. The service allows individuals and groups to send and receive text messages via a web portal.

June 2, 2020

Help just a phone call away

Young woman in a home office sits at a desk, looks at a laptop and speaks while smiling on the phone.

When ten call centers and countless UW employees needed to convert to remote phone service during the pandemic, they were able to move quickly, thanks to UW’s investment in telecommunications and support from UW-IT.

December 3, 2019

Tired of getting junk faxes? Email UW-IT for help

A fax with ?!?! comes out of the fax machine

You can reduce the number of junk faxes by blocking all fax calls shown as anonymous. Just send an email to with the subject line “junk faxes,” and include in your message your UW fax number and a request to block anonymous callers.