January 15, 2020

Beware of phishing emails asking for W-2 information

Learn how to protect yourself from cybercriminals who try to steal an employee’s login credentials so that they can download Wage and Tax Statements (Form W-2). They then can use the W-2 information to electronically file a fraudulent federal income tax return in the employee’s name. By changing the bank account number, the cybercriminals receive the refund. Fortunately, your vigilance and Duo, the UW’s two-factor authentication system, can play a pivotal role in protecting employee data.

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December 10, 2019

Graduating in December? Remember to migrate personal files and email

Department of Economics Graduation

Before you leave the UW, set up a private email account and forward any personal mail or personal files from your UW account to your private account. Keep in mind that computing services, including U Drive, UW Gmail (in UW G Suite) and UW Exchange Online (in UW Office 365), expire on the 10th day…

March 20, 2019

Partnerships helped with project to modernize email and productivity tools

smart phone with email symbols

The project to bring the latest email and productivity tools to students, faculty and staff has been completed, thanks to support from partners across all three campuses. The Email Modernization Program sought to give the University community modern and effective email and productivity tools, retire systems that were aging and cost-prohibitive to maintain, and ensure…

March 11, 2019

Watch out for “Are you available?” email scam

laptop computer with an email icon and a pop up message that reads "Are you available?"

Don’t fall for the email scam that appears to come from a UW employee, asks if you’re available, for your phone number and to buy gift cards. The scammer may try to reach you via email or text message, if you have provided a cell phone number. Visit the Phishing Examples page to view one…

February 22, 2019

Recent increase in spam at the UW

Learn how UW is fighting the recent tide of spam and find out how you can decrease unwanted email messages using the spam filter in your email service. Most email going to and from the UW is scanned by programs that identify messages that carry viruses and rate the likelihood that a message is junk mail or spam. But you can also filter out spam through your email service. Also ask your local departmental IT support, who can offer advice tailored to your local IT environment.