Boot up the year by uploading these 5 tools to your new device

Did you get a new laptop, cell phone or a tablet during the holidays? Start your year off right by uploading these five essential tools via IT Connect:

Zoom: Make sure you have the latest update to UW’s cloud video conferencing solution for online classes, study sessions and virtual meetings.

eduroam: Don’t forget to register for the UW’s preferred, and encrypted, Wi-Fi connection method available on all three campuses and at thousands of locations around the world.

2FA: Protect your data online by adding a layer of protection when you sign in to University systems with your UW NetID. With two-factor authentication (2FA), first you enter your password, then use a 2FA device to prove it’s really you.

Husky OnNet: Connect securely to resources on the UW network from remote locations, such as from home, a coffee shop or the airport.

Sophos: Block viruses and spyware by downloading this free anti-virus software on your computer and other devices.