June 23, 2020

Beginning August 15, Lucidchart enforcing terms for free trial licenses

Businesswoman drawing flowchart,

If you are using Lucidchart’s free trial version, be aware of changes to licensing terms that may affect you.

Starting on August 15, Lucidchart will begin enforcing terms for its free trial license that limits users to a maximum of 10 documents for the trial Education license and three documents for the trial Standard license. Existing Lucidchart documents will not be deleted, but you will not be able to edit or create new charts if you are above the threshold number. Lucidchart is a premium add-on service in UW Google G Suite.

When UW customers of Lucidchart in UW Google G Suite exceed the maximum number of documents allowed for their trial license, they will receive a warning in the application’s banner.

For-fee Education or Standard license

To purchase a full Lucidchart license, UW Procurement recommends that you ask your budget coordinator to buy a license on your behalf using your department’s procurement card.

The for-fee personal licenses are owned by the individual Lucidchart account holder. There is no plan to acquire an enterprise license for the University at this time.

For more information on Lucidchart options for licensing, please see: