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Visualizations Overview

Visualizing UW Data

They say knowledge is power, but how do we make knowledge powerful? Communicating information is a challenge when trying to convey a message filled with complex data.  It can be difficult to interpret the data quickly and clearly. Visualizing data simplifies the process by allowing interaction with the data to pinpoint what is needed, enhancing the ability to make data-informed decisions.

Data dashboard



Great visualizations are efficient — they let people look at vast quantities of data quickly.


Visualizations can help an analyst or a group achieve more insight into the nature of a problem and discover new understanding.


A great visualization can help create a shared view of a situation and align folks on needed actions.

From Harvard Business Review & John Sviokla, a former professor at Harvard Business School in marketing, MIS, and decision sciences.  

UW Profiles

UW Profiles Maps

Student geographic origin dashboard

UW Profiles, UW’s initial release of institutional data visualizations, is a set of Web-based dashboards designed to provide University decision-makers with a dynamic way to easily access, explore, and understand basic University data. UW Profiles allows you to explore and aggregate data at any level of the organization—at the University, campus, school or college, and departmental level. UW Profiles lowers the barrier to effective decision-making by providing access to valid, defined data from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

Read more about senior leadership’s support of UW Profiles.


Tableau Software LogoThe University of Washington chose Tableau Software as the data visualization platform supported centrally, and for use with UW Enterprise Data Warehouse data. Tableau is used to visualize large data sets and helps simplify their meaning, promote understanding of those data sets, and communicate important concepts and ideas. Get started with Tableau by exploring he information below.

Get Tableau

Download Tableau Desktop, the visualization authoring tool, for a free 2-week trial.
Visit UW’s Tableau page to learn about licensing, publishing, UW’s Tableau User Group, and more.