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License agreements with Tableau make Tableau products available at reduced or no cost to full-time students, faculty, and staff. This page describes the reduced cost licensing for staff, and faculty who are not teaching using Tableau. A high level overview of all Tableau product costs is available on the Get Tableau tab of the Tableau page. Get more answers at the Tableau FAQ.

  • Tableau Desktop License Cost Structure

    • Tableau Desktop License one-time cost: $1,200.00
    • Monthly Maintenance Fee: $35.00
  • Terms & Conditions

    • Tableau Desktop Licensees agree to the terms of the UW Information Systems and UW Institutional Information Access and Use Agreement
    • The budget number provided during the time of purchase will be directly billed on monthly basis
    • Once the billing account is provisioned, purchase and budget information will be available for review at
    • A purchased license is assigned to one person using their active UW NetID – that person is the sole user of the Tableau Desktop license. The license can be transferred to another user.
    • Free support and maintenance from Tableau staff is included with your license through the monthly fee.
    • The purchasing unit/department can cancel the automatic monthly billing for support and maintenance one year after the purchase date
    • Canceling support and maintenance results in loss of Tableau support and privileges to publish to the UW Tableau server
  • Processing Time

    Expect to receive your license within 2-4 business days, providing all necessary information is supplied at the time you submit your request.

  • What happens after submitting your request?

    • UW’s tracking system sends a generic confirmation email to the person who submitted the request
    • Within 2-4 business days, the licensee will receive a confirmation email which includes:
      • Your billing information
      • Your Tableau Desktop License Key
      • A link to Tableau resources
      • Contact information for Tableau and the Enterprise Data & Analytics team
    • The licensee is added to the UW Tableau User Group site and receives membership and participation information
  • Submit Your License Request

    • Review the UW Information Systems and UW Institutional Information Access and Use AgreementBy submitting your license request, you are agreeing to these terms.
    • Gather the following information:
      • Name, phone number, and UW NetID of the licensee (person to whom the license will be assigned)
      • Budget number
      • Budget option code (optional)
      • Name, phone number, and UW NetID of the person to contact for budget information
    • Complete and submit the following Tableau Desktop License Request form. Submit one form per license.

    Requestor Information


    Licensee Information


    Budget Information


    Licensee's IT Information