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Join the UW Tableau User Community

UW-IT hosts an active online and in-person Tableau User Group (TUG) which focuses on training, collaboration and support.

Join the UW TUG group to:

  • gain access to the UW TUG website and it’s instructional resources
  • improve your Tableau knowledge and skills
  • get input on your vizzes
  • post and participate in online discussion threads
  • stay abreast of upcoming TUG meetings, events, and news

To join the UW TUG and gain access to the TUG’s online home, you must first use UW’s Groups service to join the group called “UW Tableau Users”, as pictured below.

  1. Go to the UW Tableau Users group page
  2. Click ‘Join this group’

join tableau group screenshot

  1. After joining the group, you will have access to the online UW Tableau User Group Community.