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Sharing and Publishing Using UW’s Tableau Servers

You can quickly and easily share your insights by publishing your visualizations to UW’s Tableau Server, enabling your teammates to securely interact with your work. When people can see and understand the data, they solve problems and discover opportunities. Enable your group to find answers in minutes, not months.


Tableau Dashboard Publishing Flow

Tableau Publishing Flow

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Three UW Tableau Servers
Understand the Differences and When to Use Each

Each of the three UW Tableau Servers fulfills a distinct role. As you prepare to publish your dashboards, start here to learn about the similarities and differences and understand how and when you interact with each.

Build Your Dashboard

Use the right Tableau Desktop version

Create your dashboard or visualization using Tableau Desktop software. To publish to the UW Tableau Server, you must use a version of Tableau Desktop that is compatible with UW’s Tableau Server. For example, if UW’s Tableau Server is running version 2019.1, your dashboard must be developed using Tableau Desktop version 10.5 thru 2019.1, but not a later version.

Know your current Tableau Server version

  • UW Tableau Transitional Server = 2019.2.1  Acceptable Tableau Desktop versions for publishing = 2019.2.1 or earlier
  • UW Tableau Production Server = 2019.2.1   Acceptable Tableau Desktop versions for publishing = 2019.2.1 or earlier
  • UW Tableau Public Server = 2019.2.1 Acceptable Tableau Desktop versions for publishing = 2019.2.1 or earlier
  • UW Tableau Server version history (requires Tableau User Group membership to view). Earlier versions of Tableau Desktop are available here.

You can also check the UW Tableau Server version while logged into the Server – select the info icon Tableau Server Info icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then select About Tableau Server.

Publish to the UW Tableau Transitional Server

Share and vet your dashboard with key partners

The UW Tableau Transitional Server is a temporary home for your dashboards while you’re collaborating on development. Publishing to this server lets you share your work with your stakeholders so they can interact with and vet the content. You have control of what and when you publish, and who has access.

Publish to UW Tableau Production Server or UW Tableau Public Server

Share finalized dashboard with your full audience

Your dashboard has been vetted and it’s time to share it with your full constituency on UW’s scalable and high performance Tableau Production Server or Public Server.

Other Ways to Share Your Dashboards

This 3-minute video shows the many ways you can share Tableau visualizations.. Whether you’re sharing with a small group of individuals or across your department, this video will show you how it is done. Note: A (no-cost) Tableau account is required to view the video.