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Publishing Visualizations to the UW Tableau Public Server 

Before You Start

Please read the following policies to familiarize yourself with guidelines around the use of UW Tableau Public Server:

Publishing Visualizations to the UW Tableau Public\External Server

Request Project Name

You will need to provide the following in order to set proper permissions:

  • Name of the Project Space (usually the name of your unit or department)
  • Contact person for your project space

Request Deployment

  • Submit deployment request to to move your visualization\workbook(s) to the Public\External Server
  • Provide name(s) of the visualization\workbook together with the name of the project hosing these visualizations on the Transitional server

Sharing Your Visualization

Upon successful deployment to the UW Tableau Public Server, you will receive a confirmation email with link(s) to your visualizations. You can then share your visualization with your constituents via your website or other methods, such as a slide deck. The link below provides instructions on how to embed Tableau views and dashboards.

Additional Information

  • Currently all data sources must be extracts of your data.
  • None of the visualizations can be downloaded to a viewer’s local desktop
  • Dashboards must display aggregated data, so that personally identifiable information data cannot be revealed
  • If the dashboard has the level of data that could lead to identification of an individual, Safe Aggregation technique must be implemented at the visualization\workbook level. See Safe Aggregation of Personally Identifiable Information

Color Palette

All dashboards will need to comply with the University’s color palette standards. You can find information on how to use UW defined color palette: