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Manage Tableau Dashboard Access with UW Groups Service

Tableau project owners, you self-manage who has access to your project’s visualizations. Using free UW Active Directory (AD) Groups, you can assign people directly to the publisher, editor and viewer security roles within your Tableau projects (folders where you store your visualizations).

How it works

  1. Use UW Groups Service to identify existing Groups or create new Groups. Review these Groups to make sure they have the membership you expect.
  2. Send an email to with your project name and the Group names to be assigned to each security role (publisher, editor, and viewer).
  3. You will receive an email confirming the addition of the Groups. Group members will have access to your project’s visualizations at that time.
  4. To manage Group membership, use the Groups Service to add or remove members from the Group(s). Note that changes you make to Group membership will take effect on the Tableau Transitional Server the following day.

Additional Information

  • Group members must have Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) access in order to view the visualizations in your project that use EDW data.
  • Learn more about Groups Service
  • Learn more about publishing to the Tableau Transitional Server under the Sharing and Publishing section here.

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