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UW Profiles is a suite of interactive dashboards that provide easy access to valid and defined data from the UW Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). These dashboards enable users to explore and aggregate data at any level of the institution: University, campus, school, college, department or major.

UW Profiles is a one-stop shop for basic analytics about our students, their academic progress and our University, cites University leadership.

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UW Profiles

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Communities within and beyond UW are invited to explore enrollments, degree production, graduation and retention trends

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Tableau Software

The University of Washington adopted Tableau Software as the centrally supported data visualization platform. The Office of Planning & Budgeting (OPB), in collaboration with UW-IT’s EDA team, developed the suite of UW Profiles dashboards using Tableau Software. Follow these links to learn more about how you can get started using Tableau to build visualizations and conduct analyses.