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Report Development Environments

Report development begins on your desktop. Reports are then promoted (or published) to an online environment when the report is ready to be shared with and viewed by others.

The table below summarizes the purpose of each report development environment, the URL for each online environment, the source of the data used to populate the report, and the file back-up protocol maintained centrally for each layer in the architecture. A three-tiered server architecture (Production, Test, Development) supports the online reporting environment.

Report Environment Description Report Server Report’s Data Source Backups Maintained Centrally
Report Developer’s Desktop Initial report development is done on your desktop computer, using Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). N/A Production Data None
Tier 1:
The “sandbox” area for Reporting Services is an environment for you to publish prototype reports and where business users test and review these reports. Test Data* None
Tier 2:
This environment is used to conduct report performance testing done by Enterprise Data & Analytics staff. Test Data* Yes
Tier 3:
This environment hosts the production report. Production Data Yes

*Refreshed weekly from production data