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How to Publish a Report to the Sandbox Server

This page describes how to publish a report to the online development report server (the sandbox server), not to be confused with the desktop development environment. This document describes Step 11 of Create/Publish Central Reports. If you have not done so already, request access to publish reports. The steps covered on this page include:

  1. Publish the report
  2. Assign data source
  3. View report online
  4. File backup management

Publish the Report

There are two methods for moving report files from the desktop development environment to the sandbox report server:

Publish using the desktop computer software tool

Within SQL Server Data Tools (previously Business Intelligence Development Studio), you can set a default server folder. This is where all reports in your project will be published. Here is an example based upon a project called AcademicReports:

  1. In Data Tools, if the Solution Explorer pane is not visible, open it by clicking View > Solution Explorer
  2. Right click on the project name and select Properties. 
  3. Enter values for the following three items:
    • TargetDataSourceFolder – enter Data Sources
    • TargetReportFolder – Enter the sandbox server folder path where the report will reside.
      In the example below, the report will deploy to the Academics folder, which is one level down from the root, called Home on the report server.
    • Target ServerURL – Enter
    • Click OK
  4. To publish a copy of the report file to the sandbox server, from within Solution Explorer, right click on the report file name and click on Deploy.
Publish using the sandbox server tool
  1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the sandbox server at
  2. When prompted, login using your UW NetID as “netidyournetid” without the quotes, and enter your UW NetID password
  3. Where do you want to publish the report? Choose a folder that pertains to the type of data contained in your report and navigate to that folder.
  4. On the beige bar near the top of the screen, click on Upload File
  5. Click the Browse button, and navigate to the report file you want to publish.
  6. If replacing an existing report file, click the Overwrite item if it exists checkbox
  7. Click OK

upload file

Assign a Data Source

Once a report file is on the sandbox server, you must assign the data source for that report.

  1. Navigate to the folder where the report file is stored
  2. On right edge of the beige bar near the top of the screen, click Show Details
  3. Edit the properties for the report by clicking on the Properties icon, a small icon with a pointing hand, to the left of the report name.
  4. In the left sidebar, click Data Sources
  5. A report can contain one or more data sources.  For each data source listed, click on the Browsebutton to select the appropriate data source.
  6. Click on the expander button next to the folder called Data Sources
  7. Select one of the three data sources that begin with DAC.  Your selection should resemble the data source name you created in the desktop version of the report file.
  8. Click OK
    browse folders
  9. Click Apply.  (Note: it is easy to overlook this step as depending on the number of data sources your report requires, the Apply button may not be visible on your screen.)

View Report Online

Congratulations! Your report is online and now available to test and share with business users and other interested parties.  Note: Only users who are assigned to a role by the Data Management Committee can view online reports.  For more information, see Request Access to View Reports.

File backup management

See the Memorandum of Understanding for the reporting environment for information about backup copy management.