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Request Access to Reports, Analytics, and Data

  • Already have access?

    You may have already been granted access to the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Learn how to find out at the Check EDW Access page. Note: although you may have access to the EDW, you may not have access to a particular subject area of data. Follow the same process described below to request additional access.

  • Request Access

    Access to central data, reports, and analytics in the EDW is coordinated by the Data Management Committee (DMC) on behalf of the UW’s Data Custodians.  Data Custodians have classified the data in the EDW into different privilege levels and have created roles that govern access to the data.

    To control access, the most suitable Role is assigned to users.  To find out more about roles and the data available to those roles, please refer to the DMC’s Security Access and Roles Matrix.

    There are three general types of access to EDW data.  Select one of the links below to go to the appropriate request form.

    Request Form – Staff

    Request Form – Faculty

    Request Form – System or Application