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Servers & Data Sources

The tables below provide a list of the available Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) servers, as well as a description of each corresponding database.

Note: EDW server names changed in August, 2014. See the Server Name Crosswalk page for a list of old and new server names.

Data Server
Server Database Description

Note: If a port number is required to connect, use,1433

EDWPresentation Integrated financial, research, and academic data designed for easy queries and analysis, with certified definitions and documented business rules.
FinancialSumMart Daily accumulation of FAS transaction data, budget index, etc.
FRDataMart Archive (from the ODS) of one year payroll check register detail, and gross pay control totals used for verification.
GLDataMart General ledger data mart. GL transactions including payroll cash detail and use tax detail for the current biennium and prior three biennia.
EFECSDataStore Daily snapshot of data generated from online faculty effort certification.
ODS Daily snapshot of human resources and finance operational data.
ResearchAdminData Daily snapshot of Research Administrative data related to research activities.
UWSDBDataStore Daily snapshot of UWSDB including additional lookup tables.
Cube Server
Server Database Cube Description

Note: If a port number is required to connect, use,1433

EDWAdminMart EDWAdminMart
  • EDW report usage statistics since 2008
  • Cube refresh is daily
EDWAdminMart OLAPAdminMart
  • EDW cube usage statistics since 2010
  • Cube refresh is daily
FinancialActivity2015* Fin Activity Biennium 2015
  • 2015 Biennium to date
  • Cube refresh is daily
FinancialActivity2013* Fin Activity Biennium 2013
  • 2013 Biennium to date
  • Cube refresh is daily through August 10, 2015, then frozen
FinancialActivity2011* Fin Activity Biennium 2011
  • 2011 Biennium to date
  • Cube refresh was daily through 7/31/2013, then frozen
FinancialActivity2009* Fin Activity Biennium 2009
  • 2009 Biennium to date
  • No cube refresh required as biennium is closed
FinancialActivity2007* Fin Activity Biennium Minus1
  • Full 2007 Biennium
  • No cube refresh required as biennium is closed
ResearchAdminData ResearchAdminData
  • Research Administration data from 2006
  • Cube refresh is daily

*The Financial Activity cubes reflect transactions from the BudgetActivityDetail table in the ODS database.