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Security Metadata Admin Tool

Security Metadata Admin Tool

Security Metadata Administration Tool

Data Custodians are responsible for applying the data security rules defined in the Security Access and Roles Matrix (Matrix). These rules create the metadata about security.

The Security Metadata Administration Tool (SMAT) is the web interface Data Custodians use to manage access to the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) data, in accordance with the UW data security policy. Security is applied at the table and column level for every security role in the Matrix.

The SMAT tool is only accessible to Data Custodians. However, any user with EDW access is able to view security settings applied to EDW tables and columns. For more information, see Current Data Security Settings.

Using SMAT

  • Only Data Custodians can use the SMAT.
  • The SMAT User Guide and this six-minute how-to video provide instructions for applying the Security Access and Roles Matrix security requirements.
  • Internet Explorer is the only supported browser.
  • To access the SMAT application, go to
  • Data Custodians are expected to understand the data access business rules for their respective subject areas and are responsible for applying those rules correctly.
  • Enterprise Data & Analytics (EDA) business analysts approve submitted security documents as SMAT administrators.
  • Report technical issues to