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Current Data Security Settings

DAC-Secured Tables, Views, and Columns Report

This report displays the security settings defined for each Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) table. Access for the different security roles is identified for every column in the table.

Interpret report results

describes how to interpret report results

1. Table Unrestricted to All Users
  • A value of “Yes” indicates the table and all its columns are available to all roles listed in the purple heading section of the report.
  • A value of “No” indicates that some data in this table is restricted for at least one role.
2. Role Has Access To Table
  • A value of “Y”  indicates the role has access to the table, but may or may not have permission to view specific columns of data, depending upon Restricted_Column settings.
  • A value of “N” indicates that the role does not have permission to see any columns of data in the table.
3. Restricted Column
  • A value of “Y” under Restricted_Column (highlighted in gray) indicates the column is restricted for some roles. A value of “Y” for a specific role indicates the role has permission to view the data in the restricted column. Likewise, a value of “N” indicates the role does not have access to the column data.
  • A value of “N” under Restricted_Column indicates the column is unrestricted. Any role with table access has permission to view the data in the column.