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Helpful New Tool: UW Calendar Lookup

This morning you probably arrived at work and thought to yourself, “what Biennium are we in?” Or maybe you already knew that, but got hung up on the fact that the 2020 FY is in the 2019 Biennium (WHAT!?). You panicked, feverishly googled, got frustrated, lost confidence, and moved on to an easier pursuit, like contemplating infinity.

If you’re thinking, “there’s got to be a better way!” Well, now there is, with a new calendar lookup tool built by Data Architect, Courtney Drake, in Office of Planning and Budgeting (OPB).  It’s using EDW data and is hosted on our Tableau servers. Check it out yourself, and never get confused by the 5 overlapping UW calendars again!

You can find it in a couple of places –

Talk involving UW Profiles wins best presentation at conference

A talk about UW Profiles, the UW’s interactive dashboards for accessing and understanding basic UW data, was honored as “Best Presentation” at the Pacific Northwest Association for Institutional Research and Planning’s annual conference. The talk last month by Nevena Lalic of the Office of Planning & Management’s Institutional Analysis team and Bart Pietrzak of UW-IT’s Enterprise Data & Analytics was selected from among 30 presentations for its especially helpful ‘how to’ content on using Tableau with institutional data and working with the IT organization to structure that data. Pietrzak, a Business Intelligence Architect, and Lalic, a Senior Analyst, are collaborating on a proposal to adapt the presentation, “Exposing Basic Institutional Stats Using Interactive Tableau Dashboards,” for the Association’s national conference in May. UW Profiles was created jointly by UW-IT and the Office of Planning & Budgeting, now a unit within the newly named Planning & Management office.


UW’s Tableau deployment picked up by the Wall Street Journal

UW’s choice to use Tableau software as its primary data visualization tool, and the development of UW Profiles dashboards for exploring and understanding basic University data was reported in a recent issue of the Wall Street Journal. Tableau is used to easily create interactive graphics, reports and dashboards that allow you to ask questions and see and understand data in meaningful ways. To develop UW Profiles, UW-IT partnered with the Office of Planning and Budgeting. UW Profiles and Tableau also were featured in the November 2013 Special Edition of UW-IT Insights.

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