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Report Update: Undergraduates Eligible to Register

The Report Prioritization Group released an important update to the Undergraduates Eligible to Register Report. This post summarizes those changes as well as upcoming enhancements to the report.

Change Summary:

We recently updated the data source for the Undergraduates Eligible to Register report to a new table in the Enterprise Data Warehouse called “ACAD_dsetEligibleToRegister”. This update benefits users by getting the logic for identifying the report’s student population out of the report and into a table. This makes the report run faster, and enables data analysts with appropriate access to query the EDW to get the data directly (without having to recreate the report logic).


There were no changes to the report filters or display. However, the report’s student population (see the definition for Eligible to Register) did change as a result of this update.

Before this update, for any given selected quarter, the report did not include students who had “applied to graduate”. Here “applied to graduate” means for instance, a student who applied to graduate in Autumn quarter would not be eligible to register in Autumn or future quarters.

That changed with this update. In the current version that is available on the BI Portal, students that have applied to graduate are included in the population.

What’s Next:

Based on initial feedback, this report needs to be updated to exclude students that have “applied to graduate”. The Enrollment Information Services Office is currently working on a solution, and we are planning to publish the updated report in early January.

Additionally, two other updates will be included in the next release:

- First, by request, the report will be updated to remove students that are deceased from the report’s population of students.

- Second, the “Include Requested Majors” filter will be updated. The filter currently displays the major that the student requested on their application (“Major Requested”). By request, the filter will be updated to display the student’s “Intended Major” that they selected during registration. The report filter is changing, but the student’s “Major Requested” is not going away, and the data will still be displayed in the report. 


When the updated report is published to the BI Portal, you will receive an email update.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please write and put “RPG: Undergraduates Eligible to Register Report” in the subject line.