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Report Update: Undergraduates Eligible to Register – Removed Applied to Graduate Filter

The Report Prioritization Group released an update to the Undergraduates Eligible to Register. This post summarizes those changes.

Change Summary:

  • Based on user feedback we have removed the Applied to Graduate (Y/N) Filter, and the applied to graduate column from the Undergraduates Eligible to Register report. 

More Detail: 

  • We received feedback from several users that the Y/N field was returning unexpected results. We were told the the Y or N was clear, but what wasn’t clear was the logic used to derive the flag. 
  • We decided to replace the Y/N flag with the actual Year and Quarter (e.g. Autumn 2020) when the student has applied to graduate. This will provide more detail for users than the simple Y/N field did. 
  • The Student Applied to Graduate field and Year Quarter will be added in the next release of updates to the report. We are currently working on implementing these changes. 
  • In the next release, we will also include several more enhancements to the report, including: 


If you have questions about the meaning of Eligible to Register, please find more details in the Knowledge Navigator

As always, if you have any questions, please write and put “RPG: Undergraduates Eligible to Register” in the subject line.