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Report Update: Undergraduates Eligible to Register

The Report Prioritization Group released important updates to the Undergraduates Eligible to Register Report. This post summarizes those changes.

Brief Summary:

Based on user feedback, we added a few new filters to the report, including:

  • Applied to Graduate filter
  • Include Requested Majors filter

We also updated the label for the following report filter:

  • “Include Applicants” filter was updated to read “Include New Confirmed”

Finally, we also updated the logic to:

  • Remove deceased students from the report population

Detailed Summary:

  1. The report was updated with a new filter that allows users to include or exclude students that have “applied to graduate”. By default the report will exclude students that have applied to graduate from the Eligible to Register population.
  2. By request, the report now filters out all deceased students from the report population.
  3. The “Include Applicants” filter was updated to read “Include New Confirmed” to clarify the filter’s meaning and purpose. The label changed, but the functionality and data did not. When a user selects “Yes”, the report includes undergraduates that have been granted admissions in the eligible quarter or 1 or 2 quarters back.
  4. The “Include Requested Majors” report filter was updated. The filter previously displayed the major that the student requested on their application (“Major Requested”). By request, the filter was updated to display the student’s “Intended Major” that they selected during registration. The report filter changed, but the student’s “Major Requested” information is not going away, and the data will still be displayed in the report. It’s important to note that these are different concepts at different points in the student lifecycle and therefore source different data. In the query, the report previously sourced only from the sr_adm_appl_req_col_major (the student’s requested major on their application), and now also includes data from student_1_pref_maj_abbr column (the student’s “intended major” selected during registration).


If you have any questions, please write and put “RPG: Undergraduates Eligible to Register Report” in the subject line.