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Report Update: Class List By Curriculum Course Section

The Report Prioritization Group released important updates to the Class List By Curriculum Course Section Report. This post summarizes those changes.

Change Summary:

Based on user feedback, we:

1. Added a new column to the report to display a student’s “historical class standing“:

  • Before this change, when you selected “Class” from the “Columns to Display” dropdown, the report displayed a student’s current class standing in the “Class” column.
  • After this change the report continues to display a student’s current class standing. We updated to label to now be called “Current Class”.
  • The report now also displays a column titled “Selected Qtr Class” that displays the student’s class standing for the quarter parameter(s) that you selected.



2. Bug Fix:

  • This update also included a fix to a bug reported by several users. When users ran the report for some curriculums across multiple quarters, the report would error out.
  • This issue has been resolved.


If you have any questions, please write and put “RPG: Undergraduates Eligible to Register Report” in the subject line.