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Report Update: Class List By Curriculum Course Section (removed Pending Major)

The Report Prioritization Group released an update to the Class List By Curriculum Course Section report. This post summarizes those changes.

Change Summary:

  • Temporarily removed Pending Major Column: 

    • In early August 2019 we released an update to the report to add a student’s Pending Major as a column in the report. 
    • The initial response to this release was positive, but we recently learned that the update was causing the report to fail to run when users selected to view multiple quarters of data. 
    • Removing the column resolved the bug, but we are now investigating a resolution for how we can provide this data. 

Please Provide Feedback: 

  • The challenge with providing this data in the Class List report is that “Pending Major” is an attribute of a student at the current point in time. However, this report allows users to view data across time. This time dimension is what caused the report to fail. 
  • If you are a user who finds value in the Pending Major data, can you please write us to share how you use it in your work? We especially want to know:
    • Do you need to know a student’s historical pending majors?
    • Or, are you mostly interested in a list of students for the current quarter that are in your Department’s classes and have a pending major that you advise?
    • What do you do with this data? 
  • To provide feedback please write with “RPG: Class List Report Pending Major Feedback” in the subject line


This report references the term Pending Major. If you have questions about the meaning of this or any other term, please explore the link above or find more detail in the Knowledge Navigator

As always, if you have any questions, please write and put “RPG: Class List By Curriculum Course Section” in the subject line.