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Helpful New Tool: UW Calendar Lookup

This morning you probably arrived at work and thought to yourself, “what Biennium are we in?” Or maybe you already knew that, but got hung up on the fact that the 2020 FY is in the 2019 Biennium (WHAT!?). You panicked, feverishly googled, got frustrated, lost confidence, and moved on to an easier pursuit, like contemplating infinity.

If you’re thinking, “there’s got to be a better way!” Well, now there is, with a new calendar lookup tool built by Data Architect, Courtney Drake, in Office of Planning and Budgeting (OPB).  It’s using EDW data and is hosted on our Tableau servers. Check it out yourself, and never get confused by the 5 overlapping UW calendars again!

You can find it in a couple of places –