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How do I troubleshoot issues with running reports?

The two most common report-running issues we hear about are related to logging in and data availability.

Logging In

See the Logging In frequently asked question

Data Availability

When running a report, you may encounter an error message that resembles the image below.

Error message

Cryptic? Yes. Helpful? Not really. But the bottom line is that a database needed by the report isn’t available and one of two things is happening:

  • The database is being loaded with data
  • The database is unavailable due to maintenance or an unexpected outage

You can check for both situations using the Data Availability Summary, as described below.

Database is Loading

If the database is loading, you’ll see the ‘Loading…’ message in the Last Loaded column of the Data Availability Summary.
data availability summary

Database is Unavailable

If you don’t see a ‘Loading…’ message, the database is unavailable. Check the Alerts section in the right column of the Decision Support home page to see if an outage message has been posted. The message will list the databases that are unavailable along with an estimated time they should be available again. If you don’t see a message there, please send an email to to let us know about the issue you’ve encountered.

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