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Technology Refresh

In August, 2014, the Enterprise Data & Analytics team moved the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) into the NetID domain and upgraded its hardware and software to improve users’ query experience. These efforts reflect UW-IT’s objective to provide access to excellent Infrastructure, as outlined in Strategic Goal No. 1 of UW-IT’s 2014 Strategic Investment Plan.

As a result of this change, EDW users need to repoint their data and cube connections to the new location.

Anyone who directly queries EDW data or connects to EDW cubes.

Tech Refresh went live in August, 2014.

Most users will not need a port number. If you’re unable to connect without it, try the port number provided in the table of Server information.

All EDW data will live under one server name. Cubes, reports, and visualizations will also each live under their own server names. See the Server information page.

No, the only changes are to the server names.

You can change your connections at any time. Note: The old servers were retired in August, 2014, so you will no longer be able to compare results between the new and old servers.

Yes, you can still use Excel, Access, Tableau, SQL Server Management Studio [SSMS], SQL Server Reporting Services [SSRS], and others. If you develop central SSRS reports, please see the Reporting Services FAQ.

Send your questions to Please provide as many specifics as possible.

You will need to change your workbook data source connections to the new EDW location. If you are publishing your Tableau Desktop workbooks to the Transitional Server, there are no changes.

For every Excel file (or other query tool, such as Tableau), you will need to update the data connection to point at the new cube location.

Any reports you’ve published to the development, test or production servers have been upgraded to SSRS 2012. You should upgrade to SQL Server Data Tools 2012 (also known as BIDS 2012) so you will not overwrite your rdl files. You will need to update any data connections in your .rdl files to point the new EDW location.

No. Reports and visualizations will remain available in their same locations, and can be accessed through the Business Intelligence Portal.

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